From 40 Days to 14 Days


Not only Japan but also all over the world struggle to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Travelers are required to themselves isolate in places such as their homes or hotels during the 14 days.

It is required to the travelers from China, South Korea, Iran, Egypt, most of Europe and the US from the end of March.

14 days? Yes, 14 days reminds me that the word, “Quarantine”, is the word root from Italian, “Quaranta”. 

I knew the word when I studied Black Plague, especially in the history of Europe. Needless to say, there are no planes in Middle Ages. The main transportation method abroad is shipping. When the people onboard were in doubt of being affected to virus, the vessel was forced to stay in port without being overboard in 40 days. Yes, 40 days. They might know no signs and/or well-being onboard guarantee no suffering virus through experience. Crews and passengers were permitted to get off the ship and to be on shore after being onboard on a quay or so in 40 days. 

40, Quaranta in Italy, means Quarantine in history.

Nowadays the required stay is shortened from 40 days to 14 days.

It may depend on technological improvement and so on. 

For instance, there might be no thermometers, which indicate good health or bad one.

We can study how to deal with the present status, especially how to struggle with the new coronavirus, in the history of humankind. 

Because History does NOT repeat itself, but it Rhymes.